Men's Profiles

Walter Rusk

Height: 6-2
Weight: 190
Birthdate:  7/11/1989
Hometown: Corona, California.

Walter is currently working on getting his Electrical Contracting License.

He does volunteer work for his Church, in youth and adult services,  running both TV cameras and audio sound systems.

Walter is big brother to a foster boy who has lived with them for the last 4 years.  His name is Mike.  Mike skates with Walter on occasion. Walter was a very strong support for Mike after the loss of their home.

Walter has been very active in the rebuilding of his home that was lost in a fire 3 years ago.  He has helped build the new home from the ground up.  He has been involved in concrete, framing, dry wall, tile, cabinets, paint and all the finish work.

Walter collects eagles.