Men's Profiles

Ryan Bedford

Height: 6-0
Weight: 165
Birthdate: Oct. 20, 1986
Hometown: Midland, Mich.

Ryan Bedford has always enjoyed athletic pursuits and racing of some type, whether in road cycling or track and cross country. However, he began skating at age 16 simply because he wanted to go faster. He soon learned that on ice, he could go faster than most of his peers. A lifelong passion ensued.

In 2004, Bedford placed second at Junior Short Track Championships. He went on in 2005 to take the first place spot on the podium. He has earned a World Championship bronze medal as well as multiple World Cup bronze medals.

Ryan was invited to join the National Short Track Training Team in 2006, and accepted, moving to Salt Lake City to train. Being on all-around athlete, Ryan found a love and talent in long track during 2007-08. He switched over from short track for the 2008-09 season.

Competing at both disciplines in the U.S. Championships in December, he laid out his path by making the U.S. World Championship and World Cup Teams in short track and qualifying for distance events for the long track World Cup. Bedford won a gold medal for the men’s 5000m relay at the 2009 World Short Track Championships and the next week he won a bronze medal in the Men’s Team Pursuit at the 2009 World Single Distance Championships.

When he is not on the ice, he enjoys other outdoors activities such as skiing and fishing.