Men's Profiles

Jeff Simon

Height: 5-5
Weight: 144
Birthday: Aug. 17, 1989
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Jeff Simon is an up-and-coming short track skater with the desire and ability to go far. In 2003, he switched from  inline skating where he was a four-time national medalist.  In 2007, Jeff went on to capture a silver medal at the World Junior Short Track Championships and came in fifth overall best finish by an American since 1999. Currently, Jeff is a member of the U.S. Speedskating National Short Track Team training in Salt Lake City, Utah. Recipient of 2008 Eric Heiden “Skater of the Year” award.

Jeff would like to eventually find work in the media field. In his free time, he enjoys shopping, being around his family and friends and having a good time.